Boys' and girls' youth lacrosse, serving Amherst, Milford, Mont Vernon and the Souhegan Valley area.

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Goals and Objectives Overview

SVL looks to establish goals and objectives for all levels of play.  These skills are what each level will learn and will be expected to bring forward to next level.

Below is a rough outline of skills sets which will be taugh:

  • cradling; why do you cradle, cradling drills
  • talk about the la crosse stick — pocket, string, tension
  • on girls lacrosse stick — ball remains even with or above the top wall of the head – viewed at eye level
  • for boys legal lacrosse stick — ball remains even with or above the lower wall of the head (aka, in the pocket) – viewed at eye level
  • develop drills using both hands to pass, shoot, and catch
  • able to catch and throw the ball on their preferred stick side
  • able to catch and throw the ball on their non-dominant stick side
  • Overhand passing and where the ball should be caught (head/ear height); throwing and passing drills
  • Changing directions instead of going through players
  • 6 on 6 defense
  • teach checking – polk check, slap check, where to check, and where not to check
  • general LAX rules, field etiquette, how & where to enter and exit the playing field
  • U8 – 1 st time players teach all the positions; overview of the game; have each player play each position
  • U10 – teams add dodging drills and team set plays, fast breaks, offensive plays
  • U12 – 1 st time players going to long stick – teach how to use to dig for ground balls
  • Picking up ground balls and drill to bring it home
  • Shooting on goal net with 5 positions, talk about best positions, distance, exercise to do it from the right side then come back using the other hand and shoot
  • Clearing drills – from goalie, dead ball clear
  • Face-offs how to use the stick to your advantage
  • Goalie – teach how to talk to the team, provide the direction of the ball and play, why are goalie important, goalie exercises
  • Working behind the goal
  • Setting picks
  • Man down defense

Goal setting

Players, both boy’s and girl’s, will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the rules
  • Assume and maintain the “ready” position
  • Cradle with either hand and do a one-arm cradle
  • Throw and catch with both hands
  • Shoot correctly with either hand
  • Make accurate passes to stationary and moving teammates
  • Catch passes while stationary and moving
  • Maintain control of the ball while running
  • Catch on both the right and left sides
  • Pick up ground balls from all directions
  • Demonstrate basic offensive and defensive strategies and perform correct hold techniques on an opponent moving to the goal
  • Defend and guard an opponent effectively
  • Intercept and block ball from opponent
  • Communicate with teammates and develop a respect for teamwork
  • Develop team pride and individual pride
  • Win with class and lose with grace