Boys' and girls' youth lacrosse, serving Amherst, Milford, Mont Vernon and the Souhegan Valley area.

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About SVL 

SVL was founded by lacrosse players, who are passionate about the game, and know the sport inside and out. The emphasis is not only the quality of our program but player safety, skills, sportsmanship, family and fun. We are dedicated to passing on our knowledge of the sport and developing the lacrosse community across the region.

SVL offers the following:

  • Spring lacrosse league games for boys and girls teams in the Souhegan Valley area, in addition to clinics in the fall or winter.

  • US Lacrosse trained coaches - We encourage them to participate the US Lacrosse Coaches Training Program.  We have both US Lacrosse Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Coaches on our responsible adult coaching staff.

  • US Lacrosse certified officials – All of our referees have to attend and be certified the US Lacrosse Referee Certification Program.

  • Souhegan Valley Lacrosse (SVL) encompasses the Amherst, Milford, Wilton, Mason and Mont Vernon communities, which feed into the Milford and Souhegan High Schools, as well as surrounding Souhegan Valley towns.


Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country. 

Are you interested? 

Come be a part of this phenomenal trend!


Volunteer Hours – The SVL board, coaches and especially our children appreciate all the support SVL can get as we are 100% volunteer. 

We cannot operate without the involvement and volunteer hours from our families.

REGISTRATION COSTS:  Registration covers the cost for field usage, equipment, US Lacrosse Coaches Certifications, NHYLA Fee’s dues, officials, insurance(s), storage, field maintenance, uniforms to name a few.

Things like the use of the Hampshire Dome, Scholarships, and team functions like the end of the year family picnic come at a cost which is not part of registration.  We are able to provide them as a result of generous donations and fundraising done during the season.  Events such as Winter Skills, NHYLA Festival, and Spring Jamboree, food donations, lottery ticket raffle ticket raffle sales and more help us stay indoors in a great facility like the Hampshire Dome that many clubs wish they could have.  We have made many adjustments with the change in direction of school teams and elite teams that are attracting away many more players.  We continue to be innovative and proactive in our approach as we are looking at the younger age groups, putting in for grants and additional fundraising to make sure we continue to provide the best lacrosse experience for our children.

I read a recent article that I thought I would include.

Time isn’t something that many parents spare. Between working, caring for the children and keeping a home, you’re probably exhausted enough as it is. Add to that the social commitments, some down time and spending time with your extended family, and you’re probably wishing there were more hours in the day.

It’s easy to come up with excuses as to why you can’t be the one to help out with your child’s sports teams. After all, you’re busy, tired and surely another parent must have more free time than you. But will you be missing out if you pass up on this opportunity to really get involved in your child’s favorite pastime?

Here are five reasons why you should volunteer with your child’s sports team:

#1: They Need You

There isn’t much money in youth sports, not at the school level anyway. Your child’s team is probably struggling to get by on a limited budget. Yes, you could cut them a check, but your time is worth much more to them. They want parents who are involved, engaged and supportive. Although you may not know, you have some skills that could benefit the team. Whether you’re a wiz at writing press releases, an expert fundraiser, or own a van that could be used to transport equipment, the team needs you.

#2: Extra Bonding Time

Going to watch the games is great, and you’re already an amazing parent. But getting involved in the team will give you that extra little bit of bonding time with your kid. It may also give you more of an insight into what your child is like outside of home. You may see him on the pitch every week, but volunteering will allow you into the backstage area too, and that’s a very different field.

#3: It’s Supportive

Telling your kids you support them is great, but showing them is even better. What better way to support your child’s team than by being a part of it? Your child will know just how much you support them when you start volunteering your spare time to help them out.

#4: Community Spirit

One small way you can improve the world is by making positive changes in your local community. By helping out your child’s team, you are getting involved in your local community and offering the skills and time they need to offer a better service. By volunteering, you could help the team reach out to more children, improve their game and offer the children better opportunities.

#5: That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

You know what makes you feel good about yourself? Doing something worthwhile. Giving up one night in front of the television each week in favor of some voluntary work is pretty much guaranteed to leave you feeling awesome. By contributing your time, you will be making a difference in the lives of people in your local community and your own family. Go on, get stuck in and enjoy that warm, fuzzy feeling after doing something good.


Thank you for your continued support.  We are going to have a great spring lacrosse season.  See you on the fields!


Michael Hannon – President SVL